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Shangri Lai Garden is a four and a half hectares of organic farming situated in the bushland of Holmview, off Beenleigh, South East Queensland, Australia. It is a self sufficient farm where diverse species of plants and animals live harmoniously on our land. There are nine cascading dams and water holes blending into nature's ecological system.

Initial work started in 1986 as a licensed exotic and gold fish hatchery. Over the years, we began to specialise in crayfish and table fish farming. The discharged fishy waters, rich in nitrogen, were used for our exotic fruit trees. Vegetables and water plant cultivations followed. As the fruit trees matured, a plant nursery was added.

We have partly leased out a portion of the fish hatchery, which we continue to breed and sell aquarium fish on a mutual sharing and co-operation basis. Water plants and other garden shrubs have complemented our fish sales in recent years. Two specialties are our water lilies and lotus. We have also a wide range of all other types of aquatics.

Other infrastructures in place include a farmhouse, a family residential cottage, a Kung Fu centre, three caravans for Wwoofers and a small holistic garden chapel for the theosophical awareness seekers of the mind, body and soul.

We also specialise in grafting and selling of exotic trees such as Persimmon (Diospyrus kaki), Dragon fruit (Hylocerius polyrhizus), Ginkgo biloba, American chestnut (Pachira insignis), Chinese peanut tree (Sterculia lanceolata), Ant tree (Triplaris american), the yellow Pitaya (Selenicereus megalanthus) and our unique Shangri Lai tree with various cultivars.

We are happy to give free advice to anyone who wishes to grow exotic fruit trees.

When possible and when in season, I can provide six or more different Chinese vegetable seeds to any home gardener in Australia. Just send us a 50 cent self-stamp address envelope and we will send them to you...FREE! Send your request on my contact page for further details.

We always welcome Wwoofers from all over the world to live and work with us. Email us to find out if there are vacancies available.

Hardworking slaves and leisure gardeners are welcome by appointment to visit our farm.

This property was sold on 1/7/2005 and we are now developing Shangri Lai garden No. 2 on the Gold Coast. Watch out for future updates!