Ginkgo Biloba bearing fruit

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is a Chinese colloquial word meaning "Silver Fruits". For generations, the Chinese have been eating this nut for good health and in culinary cooking. The nuts are poisonous when eaten raw, however they can be neutralised by just cooking.

The Ginkgo is known for its pharmacological values. It is known to help the blood circulation, asthma, weak kidneys and general health. In Western Australia and other cooler parts of Australia, Ginkgos are grown on commercial scale for their medicinal properties.

In warmer parts of Australia, like Queensland, the first three years of a Ginkgo plant requires shade. The ginkgo plant also needs plenty of water and rich soil.

I have about a dozen and a half of the small dwarf grafted trees growing and fruiting in my garden. Some of the plants have been fruiting for the last four years as seen in the top photo. I also have a couple of these grown as a bonsai plant, as seen in the bottom photo.

Anyone wanting to share their experience in growing this tree or to make a purchase is welcome to contact me.