Shangri Lai Tree 1999

This tree was planted in 1997 and the photo was taken in 1999.

Shangri Lai Tree 2001

The same tree as above photographed in 2001.

The Shangri Lai Tree is the brainchild and innovation of Jude Lai.  By merging two different trees into one, a spectacular tree is created with the best characteristics of both.  

A Brachychiton rupestris (commonly known as the Bottle Tree) was selected as root stock. Onto this tree Jude grafted a flowering flame tree.  The Brachychiton rupestris base then grows sideways and within five years develops the unique bottle shape with a 130cm trunk girth. The frame tree top develops conspicuous flowers of different sizes, shapes and colours. See Shangri Lai Tree with various colourful cultivars.

Depending on the soil, climate and other conditions, the bottle tree will develop its bottle shape after a period of twenty to two hundred years.  Its trunk girth can grow to over two to ten metres.

The bottle tree can also store great amounts of water and is found in the dry inlands of Queensland.

Presently, Jude Lai is the only one using the combination of these two drought resistant trees to form a splendid tree.

Want to know more, please email me for a fact sheet or for prices.

ShangriLai Tree 2002

This picture was taken in 2002.

Bottle Neck Tree

This bottle-neck tree is approximately one hundred years old.